Religious Practices of the Urantia Religion

Prayers  Prayers in the morning and at night. Prayers to the Father are only for the spiritual and material well-being of others. Prayers for personal needs in the world are directed to the Eternal Son.
Study  Study groups in your local area.
 Communion Ceremony  Communion on the 2,134th day of life, for the reception of the spirit of God. Kid-friendly education on the life of Jesus and his teachings begin at this age.
 Adolescence CeremonyAdolesence ceremony marking the child’s transition into adolescence noting its expanded responsibilities and challenges.
 Age of ConsentAge of consent celebration at twenty years old - ceremony for initiation, and celebration for the Father’s continuing discipline of the mind.
 Ordination of Ministers  The assumption of service to the spiritual family of the earth." Special vows are taken at this time. Must be at least twenty-years-old.
 Age of Discretion  The age of discretion at forty years of age - ceremony for the individual and the Father's spirit achieving the stage of the Thought Controller. Elders are ordained at this age upon request and examination. Fruits of the spirit are the requirement, and must be presented as evidence.
 Cup of RemembranceThe Cup of Remembrance ceremony and the fraternization of Michael and the individual Adjuster is acknowledged and blessings are received.
Marriage  Marriage ceremony: the dawn of adult maturity. Deeper opportunities for spiritual growth, enhanced insight into the Divine Parent through the sharing of the parental experience.
Tithe  Tithe: Three per cent is expended in the promotion of truth— science, education, and philosophy. 2. Three per cent is devoted to beauty—play, social leisure, and art. 3. Three per cent is dedicated to goodness —social service, altruism, and religion.
Death rites  Ministry to the elderly and the conducting of ‘graduation’ ceremonies. For members of the religion, the death rites are celebrated on the third day after passing, with a celebration for the lifetime achievement on earth and the spiritual resurrection in heaven.



Our Holidays

Jesus' birthday: August 21st (our "Christmas")
Annual cup of remembrance: April 6th ("last meal")
Jesus' Crucifixion: April 7th
Resurrection day: April 9th
Pentecost: May 18th


Oath of Consecration

I, ___________, acknowledge and honor the presence of our Creator Son, the Universal Father, the Eternal Son and the Infinite Spirit.  On this day I voluntarily consecrate myself to doing the perfect will of God and commit my life to the unselfish service of humankind, and promise to follow the truth to the best of my ability no matter where it shall lead.  In return for your gift of love, guidance and protection I give you today all that I have – my will in exchange for yours.  I eternally pledge to uphold, protect and defend the truth that you have given me, and to share the good news freely for the rest of my life. Amen.



Initiation into the
Urantia Religion

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