1  The Universal Father is the God of all creation. The First Source and Center is personal and eternally perfect, never jealous or angry, and manifests a supreme fatherly love for his sons and daughters — every human being without exception. God has established a way to eternity, and if we have faith he will lead us, step by step, to the very portals of eternal Paradise.
2  There is a reality in personal religious experience that is beyond reason, science and philosophy, but it is not independent of them. They are all interrelated in human experience, personal and social.  True religion must be purified by progressive science, amplified by sound philosophy, and disciplined by constructive criticism."
3  Truth cannot be taught or be defined with words, it can only be experienced by living. It is personally experienced by those who choose to do the will of heaven, and is at times expanded through epochal revelation. The Urantia Book represents the fifth and most current epochal revelation to humanity and represents the highest teachings of truth found on earth. The first four included: 1. The Planetary Prince, 2. Adam and Eve, 3. Melchizedek, 4. Jesus of Nazareth.   Living truth is dynamic and always growing, expanding, and unfolding - it cannot be imprisoned in formulas, codes, creeds, or sacred books.
4  There lives and strives within the human mind a fragment of the Eternal - the spirit of the Divine Creator - and if we so desire, He will increasingly guide our thoughts and actions until we are perfect, just as He is perfect. The determination to know God and be like Him, to do His will, is the supreme achievement of human life. Following God's laws leads to social vitality and individual immortality, while the rejection of truth and the defiance of divine laws lead to social chaos and the cessation of life. There is no Hell.
5  Spiritual truth cannot be understood until one feelingly experiences it, and many truths are not really felt except in adversity.   Human beings only learn wisdom by experiencing tribulation.  The greatest affliction of the cosmos is never to have been afflicted.
6  The Spirit of Truth, incarnated as Jesus of Nazareth, leads and serves all those who follow universal truth, eternal beauty and infinite goodness. The Son of Man was a revelation of the loving and righteous character of the Paradise Father. His death was a revelation of love and devotion, not an act meant to appease the wrath of a mythical vengeful God.
7  This world is only a bridge. Our existence begins on this world, and those who choose salvation are resurrected and made increasingly perfect in God’s kingdom. Education and growth continue in eternal life until we are, one day, face-to-face with the Father Himself in Paradise. There is no reincarnation.
8  Evolution - whether physical, intellectual, or spiritual – is part of the divine plan. God’s plan includes the creation, evolution, spiritual ascension and eventual perfection of every willing human soul, leading to everlasting life in a limitless universe. The history of the human race is one of progressive evolution, temporarily delayed through the rebellious acts of the fallen angels. Humankind has never been cursed by God and there was no “fall of man.”
9  We believe in angels, guardian angels, the fallen angels, the Law and the prophets. The Lucifer rebellion and the “war in heaven” have quarantined our planet from what is otherwise an infinite universe teeming with life, but no power can come between man and his Maker. The countless beings living in God’s creation are all domiciled on planets, do not float on clouds, and enjoy a spiritual enlightenment and advanced technology infinitely superior to ours.
10  The Universal Father never imposes his will upon us; we must voluntarily recognize, love, follow and worship Him. God’s kingdom is not of this world and concerns not things visible and material. God does not lead forth armies in battle for the establishment of a throne of power or worldly glory, and his kingdom is even now among us. Force is only acceptable in self-defense, and only when all other options have been exhausted.
11  Without help from superhuman sources and adherence to spiritual values, society breaks down upon reaching certain limits. The termination of this age and the inauguration of the next will commence with the arrival of the visible and divine Son who comes to judge the age and establish a period of spiritual transformation and social advancement. In the conduct and destiny of our planet the divine plan ultimately prevails – the meek shall inherit the earth.


Initiation into the
Urantia Religion

August 21, 2016


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