Adoption of the Urantia Religion

Initiation into the Urantia Religion can be performed individually or in a group setting.  When performed by a group, at least three people should be present (including the initiate).  Two ministers should perform the ceremony.
During the Cup of Remembrance ceremony, enacted just as Jesus prescribed, cups are raised and the initiate says:
"I believe that the Urantia Papers are the Fifth Epochal Revelation to our world, and accept its teachings as my religion.  I promise to share its good news, to strive for a noble character, and to serve God's children."
The ministers say: "This is the beloved son (or daughter) of God, in whom we are well pleased.   Welcome to the family of the Urantia Church.”  Cups are sipped.
That's all that's required to become a baptized Urantian, and to adopt the religion officially.


The Five functional categories of our community:

Uninitiated Brethren – People belonging to different traditions or who have not read the text of the UB.
Neophyte - someone engaged in occasional or sporadic study the text but not ready to commit to the religion or to fostering the community.
Initiate/Member - Individuals that have passed the rite of initiation. These could bear the responsibility for most of the rituals of the community and, when properly trained and vetted, offer basic instruction to the neophytes - including youth workshops/ministry.  All political and/or organizational activities are in their hands.  Decisions are settled by votes and serious disagreements are decided on by votes from the Master Teachers.
Minister - an ordained and consecrated initiate who has taken the vow of consecration - someone that has committed all, ready to go wherever is needed or as the spirit moves them. Directly responsible for mentoring initiated members and engaging in various forms of outreach ministry.  Must have proven understanding of the core concepts of the FER and be a trusted member of the community.  Two ministers must initiate members.  All ministers are required to refrain from any political/administerial activity and are to be exclusively devoted to the spiritual regeneration of men.
Elder - A minister that has achieved a high level of spiritual potential - noted for exceptional spiritual fruit bearing, unusual talent in fostering spiritual development, and exceptional comprehension of the teachings of the Fifth Epochal Revelation.  Must be not less than forty years of age, exhibit mastery of at least one specialized field, and have the ability to train the ministers effectively.  Three elders must initiate the ministers and are exclusively devoted to their training and to piloting the movement.
Each group is mentored by the one just above it.



Initiation into the
Urantia Religion

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